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ZPĚT NA VÝPIS Reference > Koupě bytu 3 + kk, Praha 4, Chodov

Koupě bytu 3 + kk

Praha 4, Chodov
29. 10. 2018

Reference klienta

I’m writing this references to say thank you and appreciation your company and particularly Mr. Zdeněk Churaň who initiated my cooperation with your company and Mr. Petr Smička and Mr. Jan Kašpar who actually finalized all the long way to get my family dream about own flat in the Prague came true.
Additional separate deep confession and appreciation to Mr. Jiří Suchý and Ms. Monika Kaňková who actually did a incredible job to carry on whole the deal process and I believe only by their efforts I can live now with my family in the own flat. Thank you a lot pan Jiri and pani Monika for your significant patience and extremely high professionalism in your job.

Y. R.

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